1-Hour Consultation with a Financial Expert

In times of crisis, personal finances become extra personal⁣⁣

Coronavirus fears have affected many aspects of our lives, including our sense of financial security⁣

No one knows when this crisis will be over, or what the long-term economic impact will be, this is the ideal time to start making financial moves that’ll help reduce financial stress, and provide you with peace of mind⁣

It’s never too late to keep your personal finances in check

⁣⁣We're glad you're here, because that shows that you're not afraid or intimidated to seek advice⁣⁣

Our sessions are fully confidential and we are fiduciary, meaning we’ll always have your best interest in mind when providing you with recommendations⁣⁣

This service includes a one hour virtual session with a financial coach who will help you answer your financial questions for these uncertain times

Topics we can discuss include (but not limited to):

How to smartly use your Stimulus check
Unemployment situation and how to organize your finances
Goals and savings for now and the future
401(k) Contributions and/other investment accounts
Best ways to manage your current debt
How to deal with financial anxiety

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