Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I get by enrolling in a plan?

This will depend on the plan that fits you. Please visit our pricing section to review all benefits included in each plan at

Are the meetings in person?

It’s up to you! We are available 24/7 through text and email. Our bi-weekly 1:1s can happen over video conference, phone, or in person if you’re local to the Miami area, and prefer to meet face-to-face.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

Most of our plans last up to 6 months. After the first 6 months you can choose to extend your plan with us, or apply everything you have learned on your own.

If I enroll with myFinTect™ how soon can I see results?

Each person’s financial situation is different. We commit to work, educate, and share everything that is applicable to you during the time we have together. However, we can’t do the work for you. The more disciplined and committed you are to sticking to your goals and reshaping your habits, the faster the results are going to come. With our guidance, of course, every step of the way.

Why can’t I enroll in a plan that is less than 6 months?

We want to provide a realistic timeframe to get you started, set up your plan, goals, get things in motion, implement, coach, empower you, and move forward. Our goal is to make you financially fit and confident that you can control your current and future financial life. We will always be here if you need us.

What is the process to enroll in a plan?

To enroll in a plan all you have to do is set up a call with us here. We will do an introductory call where we will discuss your current financial situation, determine your goals, and first steps forward to get you on track and on top of your finances.

How does your pricing compare to financial coaches?

There are various pricing models in the industry such as fee based, income based, complexity based, hourly, etc. Typically, services of financial planners and coaches are between $1,000 to $3,000 per year or between $150 to $300 per hour Our goal is to provide an affordable and accessible solution to everyone. With this purpose we decided to break the traditional model and bring the best pricing and rewards to our clients.

On average, financial coaches charge an hourly rate of $257 Our lowest per hour rate is $58.50.
How is myFinTect™ different than other financial coaches?

Our financial architects have the personal qualifications and over 10 years of experience. Not just classroom knowledge, but knowledge applied in real life scenarios. We provide a fiduciary service; meaning, your best interest is ours. Finally, we understand there’s a lot of ambiguity in the industry when it comes to packages, pricing, and services offered. We believe personal finance should be as clear as possible. That’s why we are 100% transparent when it comes to our plans prices and our services.

What payment methods does myFinTect™ offer?

We believe in transparency. We have 2 different payment methods. One-time full payment or a monthly payment. Both apply to our 6-month program. We also accept all major credit cards.

Is the information I share with you confidential and safe?

Check out our Privacy Policy. There we explain how we use, share, and protect your information

Can myFinTect™ help me with: mortgage, car, budgeting, fixing my credit, etc.

Absolutely. Our plans will be designed based on your needs. We can help with budgeting, savings, debt, mortgage, car, among other topics and life events that influence your finances. The only thing we cannot do yet, is provide investment advice. myFinTect, LLC (DBA My Financial Architect) is not a registered investment advisor.

I have another question that isn’t listed here and it’s not answered on your website, what should I do?