About us

myFinTect™ “My Financial Architect,” is a modern financial planning and coaching company focused on the development and optimization of our client's financial lives. We are able to successfully achieve this by leveraging a lifestyle-focused approach, which is custom-designed for each individual meant to fit their needs, goals, and lifestyle.

We are committed to providing our clients with the right tools, mentorship, and education to allow them to build sustainable, profitable, and productive financial well-being.

"You either master money, or, on some level, money masters you."
Tonny Robbins

Our company is built over three foundational pillars

Financial Coaching

Designing and implementing a comprehensive personalized financial plan for our clients. While doing this, we will provide coaching and support in order to help them accomplish each of their financial goals.

Financial Literacy

While providing coaching, we will also educate you in the topic of personal finance and money management. We want our clients to optimize their finances while learning how to make better financial decisions that will lead them to an abundant life.

Financial Empowerment

The coaching and education will ultimately empower our community to stay committed to their financial goals, and build their best financial future.

Meet the team

Ricardo Arbona

co-founder/CHIEF financial architect

With over 10 years of work in the financial industry, Ricardo is a financial wizard and a go-to resource for individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs, nationally. His expertise in personal and business finance, banking and relationship management, has facilitated Ricardo’s efforts in spreading financial literacy throughout his community.

Ricardo holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance, and has extensive experience in Public Speaking at local charities, and private events. He is a family man and a dog dad, who is extremely passionate about positively impacting people’s financial lives.

When Ricardo is not thinking numbers, you might find him traveling with his wife, Claudia, networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, or training his pups, Peter & Jude.

Laura Paez


Laura is a multifaceted and multicultural communications expert with years of experience in strategic communications, public relations and publicity.  She is a skilled writer and is truly passionate about cultivating and maintaining strong relationships.

Her PR experience spans across various areas such as technology, consumer products, fashion, beauty, entertainment and more.

Laura holds a bachelor’s in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. When Laura isn’t writing or pitching to press,  you will probably find her at an indie concert or a comedy show. She might also be sketching in her studio, or watching Netflix with her cats Poe & Pia.

Claudia Serrano

co-founder/CHIEF MARKETING architect

Claudia is a trilingual, marketing pro and creative mind at large. With over a decade of experience in the world of marketing, developing and managing successful campaigns for global companies in various industries including tech, retail, and hospitality. Claudia lives for strategy, creativity and innovation, and has a knack for design and branding. 

She’s currently an MBA candidate, and holds a B.S. in Advertising and a minor in Marketing. 

When Claudia is not storytelling, you will most likely find her hopping on a plane to some exotic land, redesigning interiors, or exploring the latest tech gadgets. She’s an avid traveler, passionate about all things technology, and a highly experienced doggie enthusiast!

We speak personal finance in simple terms. Break the traditional model - make it accessible and easy to implement for everyone.

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