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We've finally crossed paths.

If you've been searching for an "aha" moment regarding your money matters, we are it

We go B.T.B

(Beyond the Budget) The truth is, a budget can only take you so far. We go #BeyondTheBudget by not only helping you get money organized, but by automating and managing your income so your essentials are covered and you can spend guilt-free

We are Life Friendly

Life isn’t linear and we’re along for the ride. Today you might be dealing with an unexpected flat tire and tomorrow you might be starting your own business. Whatever the case is, we shape our plans to set you up for life’s ups and downs and adjust to everything that happens in between

We are Human

You'll be working with an actual person virtually, over coffee, at a co-working space - you name it. Think of having a financial architect as your personal financial assistant who will be there to guide you, hold you accountable, and help you make the smartest financial choices for your particular situation

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Nothing can stop us.
All you need to do is show up.

Our financial coaches (a.k.a Financial Architects) will work with you on a 360° custom plan that will tackle not only your life’s goals but also get you on a financial wellness path so you no longer have to live #moneystressed

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Spend Guilt-Free

Automate your income

Improve your credit score

Prepare for life transitions

Get out of debt

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Plan for retirement

Fund life goals

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30-day Quit Free Guarantee

You can join our membership worry free knowing that if you don't absolutely love working with us, you'll get a full refund.

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Am I a good fit for myFinTect?

Here's a peak into the types of members we have worked with in the past


The Post Grad

James recently graduated from college with a degree in Finance and over $50K in student loan debt. He works full-time at a local small business, and even though he’s not really thinking about personal finances, he’s concerned about racking up interest on his loan. He’s officially adulting and looking to move out of his parents' house, but that’s starting to feel unattainable because rent continues to skyrocket. James came to us to get organized with a financial plan to reach his short-term goals, find ways to get the most out of his employment benefits, and avoid interest on his existing loan



"High Earners, Not Rich Yet", Anne and Peter are a power couple with their first child on the way. Anne works for a corporation as a manager, and Peter is a lawyer. They are home owners and their annual household income is over $300K. While they are making enough money, they can’t help but feel their priorities shifting and are a bit overwhelmed with the major life changes coming their way. Anne and Peter came to us to make sure they are on the right track to save and invest for the future, prepare for retirement, cover the expenses of a growing family and all that comes with that— while enjoying their lives, worry free


The Biz Owner

Lauren is 28 years old and like a true millennial, she worked hard to turn her side gig into her main source of income. She has been self-employed for two years now, and her consulting business has taken off and is now making money. Everything is working out as planned, but juggling life and personal and professional responsibilities and demands can get tricky at times. Lauren came to us for help with separating her business and personal finances, for guidance on how to start paying herself a consistent salary, and to explore ways of growing her business

How can I get started? It's all pretty simple.

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We offer two types of memberships, one for individuals or couples, and one for Entrepreneurs.
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Hassle free and at your convenience, with coffee or tea in hand. All of our meetings are held virtually

Meet with your Financial Architect

Meet your accountability buddy, financial alter ego, financial hand-holder and new best friend. Bottom line is that this will be your go-to-person for all your money matters and questions moving forward

Receive your Financial Plan and start implementing it

As part of your membership, you will receive a personalized and custom designed spending plan that takes into consideration your income, expenses, bills' due dates, pay days, life events, future goals, debts, and your lifestyle.

This tool will allow you to start automating your income, paying off your debt strategically, and implementing the financial strategies that will get you to kick that paycheck to paycheck situation to the curb

Staying accountable and getting money smart, for real

Implementing your spending plan is the foundation to getting money smart, but staying accountable and getting educated are the main pillars to your success. We will cover different topics with you each month, at your pace

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Word on the street says...

I have a lot of debt from before my husband and I got married. We’d been paying them off for years and still weren’t making a significant dent on that debt, so we knew we needed help. We contacted myFinTect, but didn’t really know what to expect from their service. Ricardo sat with us and looked at our budget in detail and helped us see places we could be saving money. He even found money we didn’t realize we had in order to help us allocate more money to pay off our debt faster. He also helped us see ways we should be saving up our money for emergencies, college for our kids, and even our retirement! He helped us make a plan for now, soon, and way into the future all in one consultation. Thank you, myFinTect, for helping my family and I be able to see a way out of this crippling debt, and look forward to a financially stable and successful future.
We were so lost financially. We'd been reading articles on how to manage our money better, but still didn't have a clear idea on what to do to get out of debt and maximize our income. Then we booked a one and a half hour personalized consultation with MyFinTect. Ricardo was able to go over our finances with us in detail and see where we could cut unnecessary expenses. He helped us see how to better use our money to help us get out of debt, save up money for our vacation, and explained which kind of account we should set up to save money for our kids' college education. We are so happy we found MyFinTect because now we know that there is a way out of our debt and we can see a better future for our family.
Amazing people doing amazing work. The entire team is genuine and care to help. Their process is thorough and reveals insightful/hard truths about your habits and personal finances. Ricardo is very professional and provides great advice that are easy to overlook!
Life changing! Best decision I have made in a very long time. Ricardo, my financial architect, is always there when I have any doubts or questions. I have been able to save money I never thought I could and will be paying off my debt in a few months (before MyFinTect it was going to take me three years or even more). MyFintect’s help and guidance has also positioned me in a much better place in my small business. I would recommend their services to pretty much anyone that wants financial peace of mind and wants to build a future they dream of!
I recently moved to Miami, clean slate no debt but no financial plan for what was to come, thanks to myfintect I'm learning how to manage my money without getting into debt and how to manage my credit. Thanks to Ricardo now I know how important is to control your money and to really know what the worth of everything is. I can honestly say that myfintect is the BEST money that I have spend. Thank you to the team with all your help!

Is myFinTect the right solution for me?

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